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  ●  Refrain from using excessive oils or fats.
  ●  Cook meat and poultry on a rack so the fat drips away from the food.
  ●  Bake or steam vegetables so they keep more of their natural flavors and nutrients.
  ● When cooking pork, chicken or beef the NuWave Oven allows more fat to be cooked off while still retaining its natural juices.

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Impartial customer reviews of the Nuwave Infrared Oven range:

"We have been using the NuWave everyday for every meal since May. During that time, I took up the "hobby" of Running. Since then - because of our better eating decisions AND cooking on the NuWave - I lost 15 lbs. and ran my first Half Marathon on Dec 5th. I beat my estimated time by 40+ minutes. NUTRITION (and of course, exercise) is the key to overall health. Here is a picture of me at Mile 12 - Thank you, NuWave!"
Charlene Ragsdale

As a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutritionist, I help people from someone needing to lose 100 lbs that doesn’t compete in bodybuilding to someone who is a fitness model or a bodybuilder, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to compete, whether you are looking just to lose some weight, or you want to increase your health. The NuWave Oven is a hug tool because of course you don’t have to add fats to your food that you cook, it drains the fats that are in the foods that you do cook, and of course it’s very convenient when you are needing to prepare multiple meals a day. I was 243 lbs and after using the NuWave Oven I’ve lost 69 lbs. I’ve went from 243 down to 189 lbs. For the same reasons the NuWave Oven helped me lose the weight, it has also helped me keep the weight off for 4 years now.
David Lee Nall - Certified Sports Nutritionist.

I love, love, love my nuwave
I remember the commercials that my husband used to make me watch 3 years ago, and I was thinking to myself " yeah right, that is a joke- there is no WAY that this will do what the commercial says. I am proud to say I was 500% wrong. I have owned my 1st oven for 3 years, and tonight, I bought a new one because I thought it had finally died (it didn't it was the outlet - but oh well, I already ordered a new one : o ) When we go shopping I talk to just about anyone who will listen because I am so excited about this product that I can't even begin to imagine life without it. I can't wait to get my new one.
Carla - Sacramento, CA

I can't say enough about this product!!!
Everything I cook in my NuWave comes out great, but I think my best accomplishment was doing a Lobster Tail. OMG! I actually took the tail out of the shell, I butterflied the lobster meat and brushed butter with paprika on the tail (1 1/4 LB) and followed the cooking instructions. I can't tell you how much better this lobster was than "broiling" in the oven. Crisp but very moist on the inside. As my husband says, if you can please me, you can please anyone!
Kathy - Decatur, IL

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